Dr. Steiner has published extensively on forensic and related topics throughout his career. His papers are readily available on pub med  or similar search engines. He has assisted in and out of court in select cases throughout his over 40 years in practice. He has produced a number of reports for the California government (see below) on juvenile delinquency and its treatment. These reports are also in the public domain.

He is especially interested in all forms of disruptive behavior across the life span; developmental and psychopathological aspects of divorcing or re-constituting families, as well as psychiatric injury.

Since 2011, Dr. Steiner is the Director of the Progam in Psychiatry & Law at Stanford University, School of Medicine. Requests for forensic assistance (law offices only, please) should be sent to the Program (forensicpsychiatry@stanford.edu). Contact Dr. Steiner via email to ascertain availability and fee schedule.


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